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Droomkind, een Film van Erik de Goederen


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Some random quotes from people who saw Dream Boy (the entire movie):

"Highly recommended!"

"A touchingly beautiful film. Would love to see it again."

"A song of praise for feeling and experiencing."

"...almost existential experiences of permeating beauty. And of a deceiving simplicity, because Dream Boy is a film with multiple layers. One that goes straight to the heart though."

"I was moved to tears. Truly magnificent. Had it been on offer in the Mediamarkt I surely would have bought it!"

"I felt like being a child again, with the intensity of feelings that goes with it. Your film was sheer poetry to me."

"An emotional joyride."

"A truly fantastic film!"

"Great music."

"Image combined with sound forms a very special synthesis which cannot easily be described in words."

"A beautiful, sensitive film, with many "layers" that invite you to trigger your fantasy."

"I really enjoyed the music. A combination of dreamy and haunting."

"Brilliant, very intense, confrontational. Back to discovery in pureness, quietness and and wonder. Touched."

"To me the film was much better than the trailer had suggested."