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Droomkind, een Film van Erik de Goederen
Cast & Crew

A Dream Team

Dream Boy was made with a minimal crew. Scriptwriter Erik de Goederen also acted as director, camera operator, sound recordist, editor and producer. He was supported by Wouter de Goederen Pepijn Borst in Dream Boywho helped wherever needed during image recording and who assisted extensively during sound recording for dubbing. During image recording Jorijn Borst assisted occasionally, especially with catering. Additional sound recordings have been made by Johan Oudshoorn. Music has been composed and performed by Hans van Manen.

Dream Boy's cast consists out of Pepijn Borst as the main character and the director himself in a supporting role. From the beginning the script was written with Pepijn as the projected actor. He was familiar with all circumstances on set and he was experienced with all activity that he would have to perform. This made him fit fully naturally into his character. The film would probably not have been thinkable with any other child in his place.
Pepijn Borst in Dream Boy
Besides the crew on set and in production, the support of Pepijn's parents was of particular value. The unconditional trust that they lend to the process of the making gave a huge freedom to make the film without limiting compromises.