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Droomkind, een Film van Erik de Goederen
About the movie

Dream Boy, a visual poem about wonder, loneliness, fantasy and exaltation

A nine year old boy (played by Pepijn Borst) lives in a world which, seen through his eyes, is deeper and more mysterious than a superficial glimpse would suggest. Sometimes the most simple things in Pepijn Borst in Dream Boylife contain sheer beauty and enchantment.

But the boy is lonely too, because he cannot share his experiences with others. Who sees what he sees? Who hears what he hears? And who dreams what he is dreaming?

The journey of the boy takes him to all kinds of small adventures, caused by some intense but undefined yearning. Will he find fulfillment, and subsequently inner peace? Or will the dreamed up life stay out of reach? And who's that man that we do not get to see all the time?

Dream Boy is an intimate movie for anyone who is willing to think for himself and to explore the borders of his consciousness. Suitable for all ages.

The conception of Dream Boy

Late 2007 filmmaker Erik de Goederen had an existentialist experience: he went through the deliberate process of letting go of all that keeps one bound to life and he "dissolved" into nothing. When he returned to physical existance something had fundamentally changed in his mind. Suddenly he knew chrystal clear what the most essential goals in his remaining lifetime would be. One of those goals was the making of a movie straight from the heart. Its possible content was still totally diffuse, but the seed was planted.

A few months later, Spring 2008, that content was suddenly blown in when he observed how the leaves of a huge poplar in his backyard whispered in the sweet wind. Shortly after that experience he wrote a script with a working title The Yearning. Later on he changed this into Dream Boy, because he realized that the film formed a thematic trilogy with his earlier films High Flyer (1990) and Polder Mole (1997). In all three stories "the lonely child" is an important motive.

In order to avoid an endless hassle with the film funds, and possibly losing the projected contact with the heart in the process, De Goederen decided to produce the film under his own supervision and at his own expense. A minimal crew was employed and very simple recording equipment was used, so that a certain looseness would be warranted. The script was written tailored to the main actor, so that he would seamlessly fit into the character. During Summer 2008 the image recording of the movie took place, spread over a few weeks. In the end it turned out to be a major (technical) challenge to get the film edited. It took two more years before sound and music fell into place. (Also see the pages about technique and music of Dream Boy)

The movie premiered on September 24th, 2010, during the Dutch National Film Festival, where it was part of the official Main Programme selection.

Pepijn Borst in Dream BoyRunning time: 45 minutes.
Aspect ratio: 4:3.
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1, PCM stereo, Dolby E.
Language: Dutch. (Also available in English.)
Media: HDCam tape (1080p) and DVD.
Original music available on